Here is what others say about travelling with me!

I only had two weeks of vacation, and wasn’t sure it was enough time to really ‘experience’ Europe. Kimber assured me it was, and I’m so glad I listened. I arrived in Oslo, and during the next two weeks, Kimber arranged everything – transportation, accommodation, food, etc. and it was amazing! We saw Oslo, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, and Amsterdam, and it was the trip of a lifetime! I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did, and I’m very grateful to Kimber for all her help and inspiration, and I can’t wait to let Kimber show me more of the world! In fact, I’m already planning a tour to Australia with Kimber Sparks Travel in 2020! Nicole A. Chicago, IL.
Nicole A.
Chicago, IL.
When it comes to traveling around Europe and having fun, you can’t go wrong with Kimber! I knew her music first, then ran across her website. I signed up for one of her small European tours. What an amazing trip! My favorite memory is spending time in Tromso, Norway, where Kimber showed us so many neat things about the quaint city! It was great fun, and when she says she wants you to feel like you’re traveling with a lot of friends – she means it, and you do! It couldn’t have been any more enjoyable and I hope I get to go on another tour with KST someday. Amita U. Pittsburg, PA.
Amita U.
Pittsburg, PA