I had a dream...

While traveling and promoting my music throughout Europe, I was able to spend a lot of time exploring and sharing my experiences with fans on social media. I loved telling folks about all the neat places I’d see, and spent countless hours answering questions and sort of bringing them along for the ride! It was during this time when I had so many people say that I should start a travel business and take people along for my adventures. At first, I just laughed about it and never really gave it any serious consideration. However, more and more people would say this to me, and it got me thinking!
I was laying in bed one night in Budapest, Hungary – one of my favorite cities. Though my feet were sore from all the day’s walking and my body was tired, my brain was wide awake and still ready to run run run! I started thinking about what it was that I loved the most about traveling. You see, when I look back on the places I’ve been, the best part of travelling was sharing it with my daughter, as well as posting every bit of info I could on social media for everyone to see. That’s when Kimber Sparks Travel was born. Now, it is possible to share my love of travel with others!
Just like I look back on my music career and remember all the fun memories I’ve made with people all over the world, I also look forward to looking back in the years to come and having amazing memories with new friends I’ve met through Kimber Sparks Travel!
Check out my currently offered tours and let’s make some fun memories together!