How it all started...

I grew up in backwoods, Alabama and I couldn’t wait to leave! Don’t get me wrong – there’s some amazing folks in my little hometown of Cordova, but y’all – there was a world out there and I just had to see it! That’s exactly what I’ve done.
There’s a lot of living and life between that time and now, but we’ll focus on the traveling. Several years ago, while homeschooling my daughters, I decided to buy an rv and spend the following five years traveling fulltime and exploring everything America had to offer – from skylines, mountain tops, seashores, canyons, and deserts – we saw them all, while visiting all 48 continental states. Internationally, I’ve spent a lot of time in Asia; spent almost ten years living and studying in Australia; and each year, you’ll find me gallivanting around Europe for two to three months.
There’s a wanderlust that lives inside me, and I have no idea why! However, I do know how to satisfy it, and that involves jet fuel, people who talk different than I do, and unique foods I never knew existed while growing up in Alabama! 
I can’t get enough of this world, and I’m excited about the opportunity to share some of it with you!