10 things you’ll LOVE about EURAIL

(These views are 100% my own, and I do not speak for Eurail or any business associated with Eurail)

#1  It’s CONVENIENT! This is a major thing for Kimber Sparks Travel! I have traveled around Europe for quite a few years, and there simply is no better way – in terms of convenience, than Europe’s amazing rail system. You can go almost anywhere in Europe (every major city, for sure), without having to step foot in a taxi or bus.
#2  It’s INEXPENSIVE! When you pay the upfront price for having two months of unlimited travel (which is what I always purchase), it seems like a lot. However, for approximately $1,000, if you divide that by 60 days, it comes to just over $16 per day. To make this even more attractive, Eurail usually always offers discounts throughout the year, and you usually have a year to use the pass. This makes it even more affordable.
#3  It’s STRESS-FREE! What better way to sit back and soak in the beautiful landscapes of Europe than by relaxing in your chair, without the worry of having to drive, etc. I usually grab a snack from the dining car and bring it back to my seat. On longer routes, I often invite others to join in a game of cards, or engage in general conversations. I still keep in touch with quite a few people I’ve sparked conversations with while on the traveling Eurail.
#4  DINING CARS! I’m not sure what it is about getting on a train that suddenly makes me hungry! I immediately start thinking about cappuccinos and crepes when heading toward the Netherlands, and on the way to Budapest, my mind goes to a honey cake I’ve found on menus throughout that region. Wherever I’m going, the dining cars are great for curbing your appetite – as well as putting you in the perfect situation to strike up a conversation with a stranger.
#5  It’s the perfect place for PEOPLE-WATCHING! That’s right, I’m a people-watcher from way back, and the train is a perfect place to do this. You see people from whichever region you’re in, going to and from their jobs, heading on vacation, out to get groceries, etc. This is what makes traveling fun – learning about different people and how the go about their everyday lives.
#6  It’s FAST! There’s no comparing how much faster it is to jump on a train and go from Amsterdam to Berlin than it would be to rent a car for the trip! You can go over the Swiss Alps into the Italian Alps in just over four hours on the Bernina Express – one of the most beautiful routes you’ll ever find.
#7  The SCENERY! Whether it’s following winding rivers or crossing the Alps, Europe has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It’s surreal to ride alongside a stunning fjord in Norway or cross the Bernina Pass in the Swiss Alps. The tiny towns all along the way are simply mesmerizing and you’ll find yourself looking at the signs to write down the name of the city so you can stop when you have more time!
#8  As I stated earlier, Eurail trains offer the perfect place to MEET NEW PEOPLE! I’m a talker! Sure – sometimes the reaction is a little less than welcoming, but for every person who isn’t receptive to chit-chat, there’s two who happily converse with you. Of course you want to avoid the two no-no’s (religion & politics), but there’s a million topics to spur a great conversation. You can ask if they’ve visited a town you’re passing, or ask if they’ve ever visited your country…the options are endless!
#9  Although many routes require that you make reservations (it’s fast, easy, and inexpensive), there are a lot that allow you to simply jump on board and go! If you’re traveling within Germany, most Eurail trains require no reservations. This allows you to make last-minute decisions about exciting places you might want to go.
#10  The most amazing thing I love about Eurail is their RAIL PLANNER APP!!! It’s absolutely the best tool I’ve ever used to find timetables, make reservations, etc.! If I decide I want to leave last-minute and go from Venice to Munich, within seconds I can view the details on every train that leaves throughout the day at my fingertips. The app is free, and super easy to use! This makes traveling around Europe as much as I do a breeze. I can see the route the train goes, which allows me to research cities along the way that I may choose to explore.